Story from the land where diabetics dies

We are well off.

I just got back from a trip to Gambia with my girlfriend. It was a great holiday and we got to experience both culture and a wonderful climate. But the memory that etched most, is not about a fine holiday experience. It’s about the injustice that exists and the passivity and ignorance that flows around in developing countries.

This is my story from the country where diabetics die.


Zucchini Lasagne

There are a lot of carbs in pasta. I try to avoid pasta and have found a great recipe with zucchini instead of pasta sheets.
It’s the Garfield favorite.. The LASAGNAaaaaa! 🙂


Lasagne Garfield
If you look at the famous fat cat Garfield, it’s highly unlikely he made the Zucchini lasagne.


The zucchini lasagne fits perfectly in the lunch box and I made 6 servings eat at work for me and my girlfriend the coming week. I was surprised on how easy the zucchini was to slice. Is has almost the same texture as a cucumber.


Minced meat and white radish gratin

I Googled about what I could replace potatoes, pasta and rice with, and ended up with this recipe. It replaces the carb-rich potatoes with white radish. White radish is a root vegetable that contains a low amount of carbs and much water. It doesn’t taste so much but has almost the same texture as potatoes. Therefore, you need to use different spices to make it taste good. And it does! It tastes great! Even if you aren’t on a diet, you can eat this on days with high BG. For me, I don’t need to take any insulin for this, although I’ve counted the carbs to 7 grams per serving. Maybe some of it disappear while it’s being cooked?


Make small changes to your diet

I’ve been at IKEA, the Swedish furniture company. When you are at IKEA, there is an unwritten rule that you have to eat. Eat what? Meatballs! 🙂

So I ate the meatballs. I had the opportunity to choose mashed potatoes or normal potatoes. I choose normal potatoes. Then, I choose the big size alternative as I was very hungry (that means 16 meatballs), but instead of eating a number of potatoes that equals the size of the menu, I asked to only get two.

Meatballs with potatoes at IKEA
2 potatoes instead of 4 could make it easier for you to control your BG.

These small changes to your diet can make a huge difference. Instead of 60 carbs of potatoes, I only ate 30. Half the size! In addition to those 30 carbs, I ate lingonberry jam, gravy and salad. In total, that’s around 40 carbs.

So this is what happened:

The total amount of bolus was 3.4 units, in a square wave with a duration of 30min.

17:34 – 3.5 ↓→ Started to eat, choose the bolus to be distributed during 30min

17:54 – 3.2 →

18:19 – 8,8 ↑ Just relax, the potatoes are aggressive, let the insulin fight the battle

18:43 – 9,6 →

19:02 – 8,6 →

19:25 – 7,9 →


Well, that’s positive! But next time I will take the normal bolus so I don’t get the same small spike. It’s hard to both think about the carbs and how fast the carbs will react.

Since I started to count my carbs, I have som much better BG levels. I don’t have the same roller coaster on a daily basis.

I also lost over 4kg/9Ib since the end of November when I started my carb count.

Have you cut down on your carbs to better control your BG? Comment below!

How does exercise affect diabetes?

Some days ago I went to the gym. I’m no hulk. And I’m no triathlon runner either. The fact is, I’m sometimes quite lazy. I always find arguments for NOT going to the gym.

  • I don’t have time right now
  • I’ll do it tomorrow
  • I’m not feeling very well

Sounds familiar? I bet it does!

Almost everyone has been there, and to get over the obstacles, you need to work with the right tools.

I have some good advice for you that I’ll tell you soon. First, I need to describe how it works for me today and what kind of expectations you can have on me and Diabetes Globe.


A Burger King Meal Part 2

Yesterday I showed you how my glucose level changed when I ate a Burger King meal. I promised to write a follow-up and here it comes..

I guessed that my BG would go down to 6.0/108 and 10.0/180 and I was pretty close. As I was free from work today I woke up at 11 a clock (Zzz Zzz..) My BG was 11.9/214→! On the graph below you can also see that when I got up and started to move and be active, I got low. The rest is history.


The result of yesterdays Burger King meal
No BG spike! This strategy was pretty successful.


A Burger King Meal Part 1

Last night I ate a Burger King meal. I ordered the Chicken Royale. That included the chicken burger, a medium french fries and a diet coke. In addition to this, I had some ketchup but decided not to add any extra carbohydrates to the bolus guide. Why? Because then I had a small margin on my side. I did not want to risk low blood sugar and then get a kick up.

When I started to eat my blood glucose (BG) was 9.1 → mmol/mol (164 mg/dl). With the help of the Lifesum app, I looked up that the Chicken Royale contained 52 carbohydrates and the french fries 40.

Half Chicken Royale
Carbohydrates in the form of a Chicken Royale


Stem cells transplantation moves forward

Stem cells transplantation is one of the main focus areas of scientists looking for a cure of diabetes. In a recent research project performed by the Harvard University and several US hospitals, insulin-producing stem cells where transplanted into the pancreas. The biggest concern is to prevent the transplanted cells to be targeted by the immune system. This study was made possible by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), who aims to end diabetes type 1.

Stem cells transplantation
Stem cells transplantation to cure diabetes? Could this be a reality?


How to prevent diabetes complications

The long term goal for any diabetic is to prevent diabetes complications. Whether you are a type 1 or 2 diabetic, you need to exercise. The American Diabetes Association (ADA) recommends at least 30 minutes of “moderate-to-vigorous” exercise five days a week. In addition, you should not let it go more than two days without activity. Well, it sounds like the same recommendations you get as a non-diabetic? That is true!


Sweets as a diabetic

When you get diagnosed as a diabetic you think that your time with sugar and sweets is over. That is not actually the case. In the most perfect of worlds, no one eats sweets and other sugar bombs. But as we live in reality, people eat those things. The difference between a diabetic and a non-diabetic is only one. If the non-diabetic eats sugar it is bad for the health, can make you addicted and may possibly make you aggressive and irritated. When you eat sweets as a diabetic you have to consider how much sugar the sweets contains, if you are physically active at the moment and sum all of this information to give the right amount of insulin.

This is not an easy task as you will quickly get a reaction in your blood glucose levels as soon as you eat food with a great amount of sugar. The best tips are to do what everyone should do regarding their relationship with sugar. Eat less, or none at all. I’ll show you some good tips.